Nordic Sense develops, designs and manufactures a wide selection of high-grade private label products for the benefit of our customers and with the smallest possible impact on the environment. Therefore, a large part of our programme consists of The Nordic Swan and Asthma and Allergy Denmark products. All products from Nordic Sense are transparent; they contain only the necessary ingredients and are manufactured under closely monitored conditions. Our job is to ensure that the products will have the effect you are looking for while being as gentle to both the environment and the customer as possible.



In addition, we carry a large and fully developed range of thoroughly tested formulas

Together, we will find the perfect packaging, and then your products can be ready for sale in a very short time.

Nordic Sense handles everything from very small turnouts of 250 kg to big turnouts of 8.000 kg and more. If you should need to carry out a small test production of your products before the final launching we also have the expertise to do that. We carry packaging sizes from 5 ml upwards, including tubes, bottles, airless, pots, sachets, etc.